Cold Red Pavement

from by Gravemind



When the sun goes down tonight!
An Unknown victim lays in the street. Discrimination it bleeds.
Intolerance and bigotry it thrives in this country.

What will happen? (when the sun goes down?) Will there be blood?
What will happen? (will you stand your ground?) Will you let them take your town?

This country thinks it’s immune but this place can be a bad cartoon.
Passive aggression, vicious nights. It ain’t so bad but I don’t wanna fight.
Road rage or GBH, the court news said it was too late. Bleeding from the ears will the blame game end? In the gutter I sit in discontent.

Cold Red Pavement, Cold Red.
Cold Red Pavement, Blood Red.


from Gravemind, released October 2, 2013




Gravemind Dunedin, New Zealand

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